Resolution or Revolution?

Driving to the gym with my son one day we saw that the parking lot was really full. My son said “Looks like everyone is working on their revolution, I mean resolution.” We both laughed at the vocabulary slip and started to joke about a revolution at the gym, but then I started to think about it. What if instead of making the standard resolution to lose weight and get in shape, people started a revolution and declared war on fat?


Excess weight can create all kinds of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, it is a destroyer of health and should be treated like the enemy it is. If another country were invading our borders at the same rate obesity is spreading through our nation there would be a public outcry to defend ourselves and oust the offenders.


The time of sitting back and complacently letting obesity overcome our nation has come to an end. Now is the time for moral outrage and fighting back. No longer can we pretend ignorance and turn a blind eye to the devastation obesity is creating. Promising ourselves we will get healthy and start eating right but then never doing it, gives obesity permission to run rampant.


Take action, look at what you eat and look at your sedentary lifestyle and start to change it. Take up arms and defend your borders! Stop blaming the fast food industry for what you put in your mouth and take some responsibility. This is war and you need to fight as hard as you can by making healthy food choices and getting up and moving around. Take no prisoners, show no mercy, let fat know that its reign in this country has come to an end.


Forget the easily abandoned resolution and take up the battle cry. Start a fitness revolution by telling fat “This means war”!

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