Nothing But The Truth

The warmer temperatures outside remind me that summer is just around the corner, and I wonder if I am bikini ready? The scale tells me I am where I need to be, and my pre-baby jeans are backing up what the scale says. So why is it that when I look at my abs, all I see are “flabs”?

Are my scale and jeans lying to me? As someone who has achieved significant weight loss I know very well that the scale is a deceiver of the worst sort. One minute spewing candy-coated lies and the next a vicious destroyer of dreams. An accurate encouraging ally one moment and an untrustworthy forked-tongue liar the next. Never to be trusted, and incapable of telling the whole story.

However, my jeans have never lied to me before, they have always been my most reliable, unbiased reflection of my success. They aren’t cunning or conniving. They are full of integrity and their character is both honest and trustworthy. Either my  jeans fit, or they don’t. So I can’t believe they suddenly switched to the “dark side” of deceit to join forces with my scale. So, what’s going on?

Am I being too hard on myself?  Maybe it is unrealistic of me to expect to have abs that look like a woman half my age who has never given birth once, let alone six times like I have. But is that just a cop out? Am I using my age and how many kids I have had as an excuse to not try any harder? I know I look better than I did before I lost the weight, but am I content with “flabs” or do I want to try to see if I can get some awesome abs?

My abs might never look like  the abs of a twenty-something woman who has never given birth, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and not try to look as good as I can before I put my bikini on. So, I will take what my scale and jeans say with a grain of salt, kick up my efforts and tackle my “flabs” with a new determination.  Because everyone knows that the bikini always tells the truth.



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