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Nothing But The Truth

The warmer temperatures outside remind me that summer is just around the corner, and I wonder if I am bikini ready? The scale tells me I am where I need to be, and my pre-baby jeans are backing up what the scale says. So why is it that when I look at my abs, all I see are “flabs”? Are my scale and jeans lying to me? As someone who has achieved significant weight loss I know very well that the scale is a deceiver of the worst sort. One minute spewing candy-coated lies and the next a vicious destroyer of dreams. An accurate encouraging ally one moment and an untrustworthy forked-tongue liar the next. Never to be trusted, and incapable of telling the whole story. However, my jeans have never lied to me before, they have always been my most reliable, unbiased reflection of my success. They aren’t cunning or conniving. They are full of integrity and their character is both honest and trustworthy. Either my  jeans fit, or they don’t. So I can’t believe they suddenly switched to the “dark sid
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Well Trained

I have recently come to the realization that Jillian Michaels scares me to death. Her style of personal training is part drill sergeant, part screaming mother, mixed with the vocabulary of a trucker. Reality television may be entertaining to a lot of people, but the “reality” of working with a personal trainer does not (and should not) involve a trainer screaming curse words in your face. This unrealistic depiction of what personal training, or exercise in general, looks like, may have scared some people enough to never want to go to a gym or do any type of exercise. I spend 10-12 hours a week at the gym and I have never seen, or heard, a trainer do anything even remotely close to what happens on “The Biggest Loser”.  If Jillian Michaels scares you, too, let me assure you that working with a personal trainer in real life is a lot different than the so-called “reality” you see on television. I encourage you to give a “real” trainer a try. A good trainer can encourage and motivate withou
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Be the Example

As a parent, I have often thought that what I say to my children goes in one ear and right out the other, not stopping to register in the brain as it quickly passes through. I can tell my kids, in an increasingly louder voice, to clean their room until I have escalated into some crazy screaming person. When I have reached the point of maniacal mom, they turn innocent faces to me and say “We didn’t hear you, Mom.” I have always heard that children learn more by watching than by hearing, but I had always secretly suspected that that statement was merely an urban legend generated by parents whose children never listened to them. Still, I held onto the statement like a lifeline, hoping that by some miracle it was true. Then, it happened! I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, two of my children talk and act like miniature versions of myself. The two in question were preparing themselves a snack while I was nursing the baby. They pulled out a box of cereal and the skim milk, but
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Resolution or Revolution?

Driving to the gym with my son one day we saw that the parking lot was really full. My son said “Looks like everyone is working on their revolution, I mean resolution.” We both laughed at the vocabulary slip and started to joke about a revolution at the gym, but then I started to think about it. What if instead of making the standard resolution to lose weight and get in shape, people started a revolution and declared war on fat?   Excess weight can create all kinds of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, it is a destroyer of health and should be treated like the enemy it is. If another country were invading our borders at the same rate obesity is spreading through our nation there would be a public outcry to defend ourselves and oust the offenders.   The time of sitting back and complacently letting obesity overcome our nation has come to an end. Now is the time for moral outrage and fighting back. No longer can we pretend ignorance and turn a blind eye to
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