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About Vitalize

Vitalize Health and Fitness is dedicated to teaching and empowering people to make healthy choices and create healthy lifestyles. Encouraging healthy habits in a supportive environment where every accomplishment is celebrated. Demonstrating how health and fitness goals can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their age, weight or current health. Challenging, encouraging and motivating others to strive to do their personal best as they learn how to change unhealthy habits into a healthy lifestyle. Promoting healthy food options and physical activity to achieve long term weight loss and improve overall health.

About Me

My name is Lisa, and I am the busy mother of six beautiful children. A few short years ago, I was a blink shy of morbid obesity, but I decided to turn my life around.  I changed the way I ate, started exercising, and achieved a level of health and fitness I never dreamed was possible. I became certified in Lifestyle and Weight Management so I could help others learn how to make healthy choices and embrace a healthy lifestyle. As someone who struggled with their weight, I understand how difficult the task of losing weight can be.  As a fitness fanatic, I know how rewarding the gift of health is.  As a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach I enjoy teaching and encouraging others to accomplish their weight loss, health and fitness goals.