Vitalize Health and  Fitness is dedicated to teaching and empowering people to make  healthy choices and create healthy lifestyles. Our personal approach and small, safe, encouraging environment set us far apart from the typical gym setting.  Motivation, inspiration and accountability come together to create an atmosphere where everyone is empowered to embrace their journey of health. Everyone is unique in their own story and therefore their fitness journey is just as unique. We strive to meet the needs of people who often feel that fitness is beyond their reach because of issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, neck and back issues, problems with balance and/or vertigo, asthma, age and morbid obesity.  At Vitalize Health and Fitness we firmly believe that fitness is for everyone!


Nutrional Counseling

Nutrition is the biggest influence on overall health, and nutrition is often the most difficult aspect of health to understand. The abundance of conflicting information from trending diets is overwhelming and many people don’t know what to believe. We take a one-step-at-a-time approach called “Gradual Dietary Change” that allows people to adjust their thinking and change their habits in a manner that supports long-term change. Goal setting and accountability help maintain steady progress. 60 minute session.

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Online consultation

Online training is available for those clients who live outside of Colorado Springs, CO. Online training includes weekly emailed workouts and one 30 minute video or phone consultation per month. Consultation focuses on goal setting and nutrition in a supportive and safe environment. Encouraging accountability from afar.

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Small Group Training

This is where Vitalize becomes a family. Small classes promote great group dynamics and strong relationships where women empower and lift each other up. Fun and fitness come together perfectly in this supportive environment. Different fitness needs and different fitness levels are all accommodated for by providing modified exercises as well as a modified class. All classes 45 minutes.


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